Valley View Christian School actively pursues anon-discrimination policy which does not tolerate discrimination in any way against applicants, students, and others on the basis of race, color, or national origin.


After initial contact with the School, both parents and students need to come and visit the School and meet with the Principal for a preliminary discussion regarding the parent's objectives for their student's and how the School can or can not meet those objectives.

Parents and Students read the Parent Handbook thoroughly.

Complete and submit the following forms:  (printable forms can be downloaded by clicking on the form name and then printing the form. All printable forms are in blue. All other forms are completed and submitted after interview.)

  1. Financial Statement (1 copy per family)
  2. SMART Tuition Payment Plan Enrollment Form.....(1 copy per family) available at the school office
  3. Re-registration Form ..... (1 copy per family)  Returning students
  4. Statement of Discipline ..... (1 copy per family)
  5. Standard of Conduct ..... (1 copy per Jr. and Sr. High Student)
  6. Certificate of Immunization ..... (1 copy per student)
  7. Student Application ..... (1 copy per student)  1st time students
  8. Request for Student Records ..... (1 copy per student)  1st time students
  9. Personal Computer Trespass ..... (1 copy per student 3rd - 12th grade)
  10. Student-Parent Technology Agreement ..... (1 copy per student 3rd - 12th grade)
  11. Birth Certificate ..... (1 copy per student)
  12. Epipen Authorization ..... (1copy per student as needed)
  13. Prescription Medication Authorization (1 copy per student)


  • New Student Registration ..... $450.00 (non-refundable)
  • Student Re-Registration ..... $325.00 (non-refundable)
  • Kindergarten through 2nd Grade ...... $4475.00
  • Tuition grades 3-12 (1st student) ..... $4775.00
  • Tuition grades 3-12 (2nd student) ..... $4150.00
  • Tuition grades 3-12 (3rd  student) ..... $3475.00
  • Each additional student ..... $1425.00  

Curriculum lab & Supply fees 

  • Foreign Language Lab Fee (Non-Refundable) ..... $40.00
  • Sports Competition Fee (Non-Refundable) ..... $40.00
  • Music/Choir Lab Fee (Non-Refundable) ..... $40.00
  • Damage Fees ..... To Be Determined Based on Damage

There are also minimal testing fees that may apply.  Contact the school for further information.