Distance Learning through Valley View Christian School Distance Learning


Now you can distance learn your children through Valley View Christian School on-line!  With the capabilities of "Ignitia" you can now do distance learning live through us.  All work, projects and tests are securely recorded on our server live while your children work, guaranteeing the integrity of the work. 

"Ignitia" is a computer based program featuring 3-D animation and cutting edge multimedia.  "Ignitia" offers a great deal of flexibility so that you can customize the learning process to fit your student's educational needs.  Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts before moving on to more challenging lessons.  There are five core subjects - Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Geography, and Science available for grades 3-12.  A number of electives are also available such as Health, Foreign Language, and Consumer Math and many others.

The benefits to the distance learning family are many:

  1. Students work directly with the school data from home in the same manner that they would if they were physically on campus.

  2. True distance multi media learning.

  3. Individualized curriculum setup.

  4. Our staff of teachers are available to the student and the parents through the instant on-line messaging built into the curriculum as well a toll free phone number.

  5. High school students have a large number of electives available on-line through VVCS.

  6. High school students can earn a high school diploma through VVCS.

  7. Students within driving distance of the school can participate in other extra curricular activities that are offered at the School.

Here are some of the advantages of Ignitia:

Automatic Lesson Plans
Organizing your lesson plans and setting due dates is easier than ever.  Automatic lesson plans are based on your school calendar. You can generate a year’s worth of lesson plans with the click of a button.

mouse to books

Dynamic Learning Activities  
DLAs challenge students to apply the information they've been studying. Students will enjoy the Spelling Bee, Vocabulocity, Alpha 14, and more.

Work Mode
With flexible navigation, the Work Mode will allow students to view presentations, complete lesson problems in and out of sequence, and record notes and questions on the electronic notepad. Utilizing the status bar, students will be able to track their progress through quizzes and tests. 

Built-in Calendar
Never be caught off guard by holidays or other non-school days.

Take the guessing out of schoolwork with our assignment screens. Student screens show daily assignments, curriculum overviews, due dates, subject reviews, and grades. Teachers can edit, add, remove, or reorder assignments and lessons and change assignment due dates. Teachers can also easily keep track of students’ assignments and scores, quickly view assignments that need grading, and preview assignments in each subject.

Automatic Grading and Record Keeping
Administrative tasks are completed in a click of the mouse with automatic grading and record keeping. Teachers can easily keep track of students’ assignments and scores, quickly view assignments that need grading, and preview assignments in each subject.

Message Center
Communication is made easy with internal messaging.  Ignitia messaging allows you to attach messages to each problem in the lesson and add instructions or comments for students via their personal electronic mailboxes.  Teachers are notified immediately of messages and can access, sort, and print messages in one convenient place.

Book Reports
Designed to integrate reading, writing, and thinking, Language Arts book report projects feature genre highlights, annotated book lists, and links to additional resources. Thought-provoking questions provide a structure in which students can reflect upon, evaluate, and write about the books they choose. Available in grades 3-8

Put history into perspective with this feature. Click on any linked date in the curriculum (all subjects) to find out where in history you are. Students can see the context of their studies and how the events of the past fit together. 

You will find thousands of videos in Switched-On Schoolhouse each offering students an up-close look at the world around them.  Fifty videos welcome students to the school year.  With animation and graphics these videos will introduce students to the topics that will be discussed in the curriculum and help them get the new school year started. 

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