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What God Has Done For Us   When God through His grace saved us, He instantly imparted His life and righteousness to us. Lewis Sperry Chafer in his eight-volume Systematic Theology, lists 33 works of God that comprise the salvation of a soul.

The Security of the Believer   This is an outlined study of the finished work of Christ and the eternal implications of that work in the believer's life. This study is designed to teach not debate this great doctrine of Scripture.

Basic Study on Water Baptism   There are a number of things about Baptism that are very important.  Understanding these things will make your Baptism more meaningful to you. Baptism is much more than a rite (prescribed rule; religious observance).  It is an experience, a time in your life when something unforgettable happened.

VVBCS Articles of Faith   This document is the full and complete doctrinal statement that is found in our Constitution and By-laws.

Restitution Guidelines   These are set of Biblical guidelines put together by Ralph Sutera of Canadian Revival Fellowship.

Prestribulationalism   This is an outlined study of the Prestribulational position.  It is not designed to argue other positions.  This is a reflection of the position of VVBCS.

Marriage and Sexuality  Is an article taken from our Constitution and By-Laws defining our positions on marriage, sexuality, sexual sin including homosexuality.

2015 IFCA International Statement on Biblical vs. Same-Sex Marriage. The board of Directors of IFCA International unanimously passed this statement in light of the recent Supreme Court decision (Oberfeff v. Hodges - June 26, 2015).