Valley View Christian Preschool

We accept children from ages 3 through 5 years old


Our Preschool uses a curriculum program provided by Alpha Omega Publications using their "Horizons" curriculum as its basic curriculum source. Horizons is a brightly illustrated, workbook-based Christian curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities. Designed with fast-paced lessons, Horizons uses a spiral learning method to help students master concepts through introduction, review, and reinforcement. This learning method together with a colorful, motivating format allows students to quickly grasp difficult concepts. 

Horizons curriculum is well-known for its captivating content, appealing activities, and solid results. Students will love workbooks with removable pages; teachers will love easy-to-use teacher's guides with must-have daily planners, lesson schedules, and clear objectives. This award-winning curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications is based on the Bible and integrates scripture and Christian living into all subjects. Perfect for hands-on learning, Horizons is a winning combination of fun, entertainment, and quality academics.

Horizons Preschool has biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities that introduces preschoolers to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. Additional topics such as health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum.