Closed Campus

Valley View Christian School is a "closed campus."  That means that during school hours our doors are electronically locked so as to prevent anyone from entering without authorization.  Eight foot high decorative, climb resistant fencing and gates have been installed between our two main buildings. 

Training and Procedures

Our staff have been trained for several emergency procedures including fire, earthquake, medical emergencies, unauthorized intrusion, and lock down procedures. 

We are participants in the Snohomish County Sheriff's Educational Safety Program.

Common Sense

We have taken a "common sense" approach to the implementation and enforcement of rules and standards that promote the safety of the students under our care.  We are interested in dealing with real threats not "politically correct"  or those of a symbolic nature, that have no impact in the real world and only trivialize real dangers.  We will ONLY respond to those actions or words that are clearly intended to threaten the safety of students, staff, and volunteers.